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The word "yoga" originates from the sanskrit root yuj which means Union. On the spiritual plane, it means union of the Individual Self with the Universal Self. At practical level it brings balancing between the body, mind and emotions.

What are the four main path of Yoga?

Raja means "royal,"It is also known as royal Path. Raja Yoga is the Scientific and step by step approach to yoga and it involves strict adherence to the eight "limbs" of yoga as outlined by Patanajli in the Yoga Sutras. Ethical standards, yama; self-discipline, niyama; posture, asana; breath extension or control,pranayama; sensory
withdrawl, pratyahara; concentration, dharana;meditation, dhyana; and ecstasy or final liberation, samadhi. Raja yoga is for individual who are introspective and are interested in meditation.

Karma Yoga:The principle of karma yoga is that what we experience today is created by our actions in the past. We practice karma yoga whenever we perform our work and live our lives in a selfless fashion . This path can be followed even living in day to day family life as well. It is not necessary to leave the house and work as volunteer in some ashram to follow the path of karma yoga.

Bhakti yoga describes the path of devotion. Seeing the divine in all of creation. The path of bhakti provides us with an opportunity to cultivate acceptance and tolerance for everyone we come into contact with.
Bhakti yogis express the devotional nature of their path in their every thought, word, and deed.

Jnana yoga is the yoga of the knowledge, the philosophical approach , the path of the scholar. This path requires development of the intellect through the study of the scriptures ,through right enquiry and constant self analysis. The jnana yoga approach is most direct of the four path.