Yoga pose cat stretch (marjariasana) step by step

Yoga Pose Cat Stretch (Marjariasana)step by step , benefits and cautions

While inhaling slowly and deeply, lift your head up and bring your spine down within your comfort level as shown in the picture below.

Yoga Pose Cat_stretch

Yoga Pose Cat_stretch







As you slowly exhale bring you head down and round your spine toward the ceiling and  contract your abdomen (picture below).








This inhalation and exhalation complete one round. You can practice 5 to 10 rounds.
This is a very good exercise for improving flexibility of the spine and it is especially helpful after long hours of sitting in the office or driving to release stiffness from the back.

Never push yourself beyond your comfort level.
In case of neck injury and pregnancy, please practice it under guidance of an experienced  yoga teacher only.

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