Yoga part of Jennifer Aniston lifestyle

Yoga need no introduction because of the tremendous benefits it bring to our body and mind.

Jennifer Aniston yoga diet and weight loss tips

Jennifer Aniston diet and weight loss tips


Now famous celebrity Jennifer Aniston also admitted that regular yoga is a part of her lifestyle and help her to look incredibly toned and fabulous.

She said her workout routine includes cardio exercise and strength training and she mix it up with Yoga and low weight training.

Jennifer Aniston seems to be growing younger and looks fabulous.  According to Jennifer “drinking plenty of water, eating well, working out and taking care of her skin are her anti-aging secrets”.

Jennifer begins each day with a healthy breakfast and a multivitamin (Although I think there is no need to take supplements because natural intake is always better than processed).

She said “I start everyday with a good, solid breakfast,”. “I like to meditate every day for even just a few minutes. It help clear the mind.

Jennifer also mentioned that the key to keeping her skin wrinkle-free is drinking plenty of water. Finally, Aniston said getting plenty of rest and relaxation are critical for anti-aging good health.

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