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Points to consider before purchasing Yoga Mats

There can be many considerations; however as per my own understanding following points are most important

a) Yoga Mat should be thick enough so that when you are lying on hard surface.

Your backbone should not touch the hard surface i.e. there should be proper cushy between your backbone and hard surface.

b) Yoga Mat should not be slippery. Your feet should not slip on the mat when you are doing yoga postures, as there may be chances that if mat is slippery, it may leads to injury.

c) Yoga mat should be sticky to the floor. It leads to more stability.

d) Material of the mat can be soft, so it can absorb the shock.

There can be other following considerations as well like

e)Odourless - no rubbery smell!  

f) Durable construction resists tearing and perishing

g)Tested against harmful ingredients.