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Simplified Yoga for Backache

The new yoga book “Simplified Yoga for Backache” authored by celebrity yoga trainer Subodh Gupta is released and available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and all other major online retailers.

Back pain is very common and it is one of the most frequent complaints among people. According to a survey published in 2000, almost half of the adult population in the UK (49%) report lower back pain lasting for at least 24 hours at some time in the year. 31 million Americans experience lower back pain at any given time.                       
This book includes simple yoga poses and is a practical guide with a plan on preventing and managing back pain.

People most often suffer from lower back, shoulder and neck pain for various reasons, such as: during long hours of sitting at a workstation, working in front of a computer, driving long distances, gardening, lifting a small child from the floor, stress, etc.

However, majority of back pain cases happen because of a weak and inflexible back.
A strong and flexible back creates the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. If our back is not healthy we cannot be healthy. Back pain can be avoided or at least minimised in the first place if our back is strong and flexible.

Simple yoga poses described in this book will not only strengthen the back muscles and bring flexibility to the back but will also help reduce stress. Simplified yoga postures as described in this book can be practiced by everybody, whether young or old, beginner or advanced.

This is a concise book (68 pages) with a large number of photographs to explain each yoga pose clearly.

This book consists of 3 parts. The first part of the book contains understanding about back pain, how it affects our body, its prevention and the benefits of yoga.

The second part is about simplified yoga exercises for flexibility, strength and reducing stress. The third part is to record your yoga practice and improvement.

ISBN 978-0-9556882-49
Page 68/Soft cover/£6.95