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The way to ultimate calm

This collection, translated from the Burmese by Roger Bischoff, is the essential handbook to the Ven. Webu Sayadaw's rigorous and engaging style of Dhamma exhortation.

It begins with an excellent account of the decades-long relationship between Webu Sayadaw and Sayagyi U Ba Khin, revealing the mutual respect and deep connection between these two luminaries of twentieth century Dhamma teaching.

Two sections of Webu Sayadaw's discourses follow. Presented as dialogues between the Sayadaw and one or more of his listeners, these lively interchanges reveal much about both the teacher and his audience. The first eight of these discourses were available earlier from BPS in two Wheel Publications: The Essential Practice Part I and Part II and in the small Bodhi Leaf booklets: To Light a Fire and Dhamma Discourse. The remaining nine discourses have not previously been available in English. The next to last discourse, called "The Path To Be Followed in This World," is actually a translation from a book published by The Sasana Council Press, Yangon, in 1978.

It consists of eighteen numbered points that most succinctly summarize the Ven. Webu Sayadaw's practice.