Nadine Yoga Testimonials

I look forward to my yoga session with Barbara each week, It works on my core muscles and leaves me feeling very relaxed.- Nadine


Ann Yoga London

I think Barbara's yoga sessions are great!  I find them calming and relaxing and at the same time some of the Yoga sequences are quite dynamic and stretching – in more ways than one! There is always a variety of different and new Yoga moves in every lesson. A LOVELY STRETCH! - Ann



Kerry Yoga London

I really enjoy Barbara’s yoga classes. Unlike other yoga classes I have been to, there is no pressure to be able to do all the positions, you can move completely at your own pace; and you are always offered alternative positions if required. I find Barbara's Yoga classes push me to work harder as it is not the same sequence of positions over and over each week. Barbara is a very attentive and knowledgeable teacher. -Kerry


Iwona Yoga Testimonials

Working as Early Years Educator is very rewarding but it can be stressful and demanding sometimes. Having the opportunity to practice yoga with Barbara on weekly basis helps me to relax and stay focus - Iwona Macalka


Joan Yoga

I do two classes a week and although I find it hard because I am not flexible I feel it makes me stronger. I like the fact that I am streching myself not just physically but also psychologically. Barbara is an excellent teacher because she takes care of us by making sure that we each do what we can within our limits. She is always encouraging but never pushy.- Joan Summers


Anique Yoga

I have been doing yoga with Barbara with more than 2 years now. Barbara has taught me how to relax during times when I feel stressed. I have learnt many postures and breathing techniques. Yoga with Barbara has also made me aware of my posture.Before my lesson, I feel as if I cannot be bothered to do any yoga exercises, although after the yoga lesson I feel very energised and relaxed and ready to carry on with the day.- Anique Rehal


Alison Yoga London

I first started doing Yoga with Barbara so that I could learn to relax and now I find it is not only relaxing but also quite energising- Alison


Carol Hammond Yoga Testimonials

It's is so fantastic to do yoga with Barbara on Tuesday and unwind. Then it invigorates me for the week ahead. Brilliant!- Carol Hammond