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Barbara Tomasik

Ms Barbara is a Certified Yoga trainer and also a Teacher in Physical Education.  She is a member of REPs (Registrar of Exercise Professional in UK) as Advance Instructor  level 3.

She have been learning, practicing and teaching many styles of yoga for around 10 years. Her classes vary in dynamics and strength, depending on the level of students.  Some classes may be very gentle and meditative, while other very powerful and strong.

She developed over the years a unique yoga style where she merges various challenging Yoga styles with balancing aspect of Scientific Yoga which help in weight loss.

In the past she has also worked with Celebrity Yoga Trainer Subodh Gupta.

Her classes develop stamina, strength, flexibility, tone the body and help in releasing
stress through various relaxation techniques.

Ms Barbara has years of experience in the field of Yoga, Weight loss, Nutrition, Physical Education and Reiki. She is a dedicated teacher in the field of holistic health. She also conducts sessions on nutrition. She has  organized number of corporate workshops on yoga.