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Pregnancy Yoga

The regular practice of yoga before, during and after pregnancy is very helpful.

Before pregnancy practice of yoga is the ideal preparation.

However during and after pregnancy the practice of hatha yoga (understood as physical exercise)should be very gentle.

When we talk about about yoga it does not only mean physical exercise, it also include breathing, meditation and scientific sleep.

During and after pregnancy the practice of yoga can include gentle hatha yoga, breathing exercise (without breath retention), meditation and relaxation exercise.

Practice of yoga includes following benefits during pregnancy:

(a) It helps in reduction of back pain.
(b)It helps in developing positive attitude which can help to cope with anxiety and fear of unknown.
(c)It helps in good blood circulation.
(d)Helps in improving digestion system.
(e)Helps in controlling excessive weight gain.
(f)helps in preventing drooping shoulder which often developed during pregnancy.