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Precautions Sitting Forward Bend

“Never force yourself into a forward bend when sitting on the floor”

In this pose the body is folded almost in half, providing an intense stretch to the entire back of the body, from the scalp down to the heels.

While doing this asana give some time for the muscles to stretch and to release the tension. Often, because of tightness in the back of the legs many students do not go very far forward.
For those who find it difficult to do the full Sitting Forward Bend they can do the half pose at a time.

The yoga pose Sitting Forward Bend stimulates the kidneys, liver, spleen and pancreas improving digestion in the body. This yoga pose tones and massages the entire abdominal area and it relieves constipation. It stretches the hamstring muscles, lumbar and sacral regions and increases flexibility in the hip joints. Regular practice of this yoga pose removes excess weight in the abdomen area.

Three important reasons (out of many) not to do Yoga pose Sitting Forward Bend:

1) A person who suffers from slipped disc and sciatica should not practice this powerful asana.

2) Anyone who has asthma can avoid the practice of this yoga pose or consult his/her yoga teacher first.

3) If you are pregnant, avoid this yoga pose as it puts stress on the womb.