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Precautions Side Plank

The Side Plank is also called the One Arm Balance posture as it involves balancing on one arm and the side of one foot.

The Side Plank is a very powerful arm and wrist strengthener. Regular practice of this posture makes the leg muscles supple. It strengthens the shoulders, abdominal muscles, buttocks and tones the lower back. The back of the legs become stretched.

The Side Plank posture improves nervous balance and builds focus and concentration. By the practice of this posture stamina, determination and will-power are enhanced.

The Side Plank is a quite powerful and strengthening posture with lots of benefits to a practitioner. However, in some health conditions this posture is not recommended.

Three reasons not to do the Side Plank:

1) If you have injured your wrist do not practice this posture, until healed and discussed with your doctor.

2) In case of chronic or recent arm or shoulder injury avoid this posture.

3) If your ankle was injured do not attempt this posture.