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Articles on Precautions while practising Shoulderstand

The Shoulder-stand (Sarvangasana) is called the Queen of all asanas as it benefits the whole body.
As the body is inverted, the blood flows to the heart without any strain by force of the gravity. During holding this yoga posture the blood pressure in the brain will be an average of 110mmHg.

The Shoulder stand yoga posture nourishes the thyroid gland which: regulates the body's metabolism, controls the heart rate, promotes the growth and balances the digestive and nervous system.
It massages the abdominal organs and it relieves stress. Because of the enriched blood flow to the brain it also relieves emotional and mental stress, headaches and it is very tranquilizing.

However among many body conditions following are three physical conditions under which this same yoga posture shoulder stand which is quite beneficial is not recommended.

(a)If you have High Blood Pressure the posture is better to avoid.

(b)Anyone who has Cervical Spondylitis should not attempt to practice this pose because as you hold the pose the weight of the body is taken through the neck.

(c)If you have Glaucoma or Detached Retina please, avoid the Shoulder stand as it could worsen the condition.