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Precautions Pigeon Pose

The Pigeon is a superb advanced back bending posture in its complete form, demanding great flexibility in the entire length of the spine, as well as in the hips and shoulders. This intense backbend should only be attempted by very experienced

A preliminary version of the Pigeon posture can be done comfortably by nearly everyone who has healthy knees. Moving into the preparation of this posture the simple pigeon deeply works the hips and helps to release tension in this region of the body. It requires steady balance while curving backward.

It stretches the thighs, the muscles of the groins and hip joints, abdomen, shoulders, and the neck. It stretches the chest and the rib cage.

Three important reasons not to do the Pigeon posture:

1) In case of sacroiliac injury do not practice this posture. (The term sacroiliac refers to the area of a small joint that lies at the junction of the sacrum; a part of the spine and the ilium; a part of the pelvis).

2) If you have ankle or knee injury, avoid this posture.

3) Recent or chronic back injury is contraindication for that posture.