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Precautions Peacock Pose

The Peacock is a very difficult asana and should be practiced with great care and only attempted by those who are in an athletic condition.

A successful Peacock pose depends to a great extent on the body type and weight distribution. Anyone with a big chest and small hips and thighs will not have much difficulty to achieve this pose. But a person with a small chest and big hips and legs will find this pose very difficult to complete and held (that’s why most women find this pose very difficult to perform).

This pose requires very flexible hands and wrists and great deal of concentration. In the beginning this asana should be held for a few seconds and than slowly increasing the duration of the practice. The Peacock develops mental and physical balance, strengthens the muscles of the whole body and develops muscular control.

The Peacock pose has many benefits; however, there are some health conditions in which this asana should never be performed.

Three important reasons (out of many) not to do Peacock:

1) Pregnant women are strongly advised not to practice this asana.

2) Anyone having hernia should never attempt this pose.

3) If you have peptic ulcer (a sore painful place inside stomach caused by action of pepsin) avoid this posture.