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Precautions while practicing Yoga Pose Lord of Dance

This beautiful and vigorous posture is dedicated to God Siva, the Lord of the Dance.

This difficult balancing posture develops poise and gracefulness. It should be performed as if dancing, yet firmly with focused attention. It is usually performed as the final posture of a series of challenging backbends.

The Lord of Dance posture tones and strengthens the leg and hip muscles. It stretches the shoulders and expands the chest.

When done in a full version, this is a very demanding asana, requiring great flexibility in the shoulders and spine, tremendous openness in the chest, groins and front of the thighs, and great strength in the standing leg.

Note: As a beginner, be sure to keep the ankle of the raised foot flexed (draw the top of the foot toward the shin) when lifting the leg to prevent the cramps in the back of the thigh.

Three important reasons not to do the Lord of the Dance posture:

1) If you have serious lower back injury, avoid practicing this posture.

2) In case of knee injury do not attempt this posture.

3) If you have High Blood Pressure do not do this posture.