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Precautions Fish Pose

In this posture the chest is fully expanded and stretched, and the breathing becomes fuller.

It gives the neck an effective counter stretch because it opens and releases any muscular tension of the chest after performing Shoulderstand and Plough. When these postures are practiced together the activity of the thyroid gland is regulated; a hypo active gland is stimulated and a hyper active gland is pacified.

It regulates emotions and it relieves stress. Many people who have depression often have feelings of tightness or pressure in the chest. This pose performed regularly can help ease the pressure.

Even though the Fish pose brings tremendous benefits to the practitioner, there are some health conditions where this pose should not be practiced.

Three important reasons (out of many) not to do the Fish:

1) During pregnancy this yoga asana is to be avoided as it places enormous strain on the womb.

2) If you suffer from serious lower back or neck injury avoid this posture.