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Precautions Chair Pose

To the external eye, it looks like a person sitting in an imaginary chair, but when you attempt to do it, however, it is definitely not a passive posture but a deep squat, which immediately engages the strength of the spine, thighs, calves, and the ankles.

The Chair posture helps to stimulate the abdominal organs, diaphragm and the heart which provides the extra power for the entire body. Practicing this posture helps proper digestion and helps with problems related to immune

The Chair posture is a great asana bringing lots of benefits to a practitioner. However, there are a few health conditions where this posture should not be practiced.

There are three important reasons not to do the Chair posture:

1) If you have recent or chronic injury to the hips do not practice this posture.

2) In case of recent injury of the knees this posture is better to be avoided.

3) If you are suffering from constant headaches or insomnia do not attempt this posture.