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Letters from Dhamma Brothers

Letters from 15 inmates at an Alabama maximum-security prison share the struggles and successes in their lives behind bars after undergoing a ten-day Vipassana retreat inside.

Their efforts to keep meditating and to apply what they have learned to daily life in a harsh prison culture offer inspiration and insight.

"The Dhamma Brothers have taken their own passage to India and discovered a practice of meditation that guides them down their inner path toward freedom. Those of us who accept the philosophy of non-violence believe there is a spark of divinity within all of us.

This book makes it plain that no human being--no matter how troubled his beginning, regardless of his race, color, nationality, or creed--should be considered beyond the reach of redemption. No one should be tossed away in a jail cell and forgotten as though his life means nothing.

This book demonstrates that all some people need--even those we might consider the worst among us--is to be led toward their path to recovery, and when they are restored, their contribution to our society and the world is limitless."