Gentle yoga for 50 plus

Gentle yoga for 50 plus (ISBN 978-1-84799-149-2)
Gentle yoga for 50 plus

Gentle yoga for 50 plus

The only book on Gentle Yoga for people in the age group of 50 plus.

Simple and gentle yoga exercises for 50 Plus age group.
“A perfect gift of health for your parents”.

“Those who have associate the term “yoga” with words like “difficult,” “time-consuming,” “boring,” or “painful,” will find Gentle Yoga for 50 Plus a light hearted, encouraging, and easy-to-follow introduction to a practice which has long been known to provide a multitude of benefits for its practitioners.” – ForeWord Clarion Reviews

This book is specifically for those people who feel their body is stiff or has never done yoga before and wants to start yoga practice in the safest possible way to achieve healthy body and mind. 

The exercises explained in this book are also beneficial if suffering from arthritis or rheumatism.

Content includes:

Part 1:
Understanding Yoga Postures
What is gentle Yoga & why it is important 
Notes for Gentle Yoga Practitioners 

Part 2: 
Gentle Yoga Exercises 
Neck: Forward and back bending
Neck: Chin over shoulder 
Neck: Ear to shoulder
Shoulder rotation
Elbow bending
Wrist bending
Wrist rotation 
Hand clenching
Hands in and out
Hands stretching
Half butterfly
Single Knee bending
Ankle Stretching
Ankle rotation
Toe bending 
Deep abdominal Breathing
Gentle yoga practice record

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