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Gem Set in Gold Dhamma Chanting-Author(s) : Shri S.N. Goenka

For many years, meditators have wanted to understand the meaning of the words chanted by S.N.Goenka during the popular ten-day Vipassana course. This is the first thorough compilation of these words of Dhamma, and their translation into English, along with Pali and Hindi.

As a teacher, Goenka ji has always given primary importance to patipatti, the practice, because it is only the experience of reality as it is that can purify the mind and relieve suffering. This is the gem of the Dhamma. Hand in hand with the practice of meditation, however, is pariyatti, the theoretical foundation, like the protective golden setting for a valuable gem.

This rich collection of inspirational passages from the Buddha and from a contemporary Dhamma teacher of rare qualities is impressive as pariyatti. It is in conjunction with meditation practice, however, that this volume lives up to its name.

"Pariyatti and patipatti - study accompanied by practice - these two seem to me like a gem, the beauty of which is enhanced by its golden setting." S.N.Goenka.