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Benefits of Yoga

Yoga has numerous benefits however, the benefits of yoga depends on how regularly you are practicing and also how you are practicing (example are you practicing only yogasana or also along from yogasana, you are combining it with pranayama,
Scientific Relaxation and meditation.

The benefit increases when you combine yogasana (physical exercise) with meditation, relaxation and Pranayama.  

Laboratory studies show that Yogic meditation produces the 'relaxation response'.

In physiological terms the Relaxation Response shows as a marked decrease in the breathing rate and in oxygen consumption, a lowering of the heart rate ,a
decrease in blood pressure in meditators whose levels had been higher than normal, and the production during meditation of Alpha waves in the brain which are associated with mental relaxation."

Following are the benefits of yoga when practices regularly:

Flexibility and strength Yoga postures stretch and strengthen muscles and ligaments and put joints through their full range of movement.

Good posture and better look You develop the postures which are beautiful to look at. Firm muscle tone, bright eyes and clear complexion contribute to the radiant appearance of the person. This, combined with good posture and grace of movement, makes for a pleasing outward appearance.

Breathe smoothly and efficiently
Yogic breathing strengthens the diaphragm and encourages deeper, freer breathing.
Sleep well Scientific relaxation helps in sound sleep and refreshing the body and mind.

Concentrate well
Yoga Posture, yogic breathing, relaxation and meditation all help to calm and still the mind. When your mind is calm and still you develop higher concentration for your work.

Cope well with stress
The improvements to your health and the ability to relax deeply that come with yoga make you more resilient. Even in times of crisis you can learn to cope well without getting much stressed.

Massaging of all organs of the body – It massages all the internal glands and organs of the body in a thorough manner.