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New Scientific Yoga and Art of Relaxation

London, UK - Imagine the life when you need only 2 hours of sleep to re-energise.
"I felt I went into deep relaxation, while all the time remaining aware" comments Giles with smiling face after experiencing Art of Relaxation workshop conducted by Subodh Gupta in London.

In stressful busy life of London city, 15 participants trying to watch sleep and dreams and at the same time relaxing consciously with full awareness. "Very relaxaing session" said Giles, "I came into workshop feeling tired and after the workshop i feel much refreshed" said Beatrice, "I felt as if I had several hours of sleep in small session" said Elizabath smiling, " Thank you Mr Subodh Gupta for the experience, it felt like a few moments of time, but much achieved" said Sue after attending Scientific Yoga and Art of Relaxation workshop in London.

Welcome to Yoga, Meditation and Art of Relaxation session in London conducted by Subodh Gupta, a Corporate Trainer from India. We are offering our Yoga and Art of Relaxation session to personal training and for Corporate Training sessions as of now
in London says Subodh Gupta, the founder of Scientific Yoga in London.

Commenting on Art of Relaxation, watching sleep and dreams, Subodh says, one can learn to relax consciously. You can be relax, sleeping and watching dreams but still aware. One can learn to enter the state of mind between wakefulness and dream. One hour of Scientific relaxation session is equivalent to hours of ordinary sleep. This concept of Art of relaxation was used by many of the great leaders of the world to re-energise themselves like Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi and Napoleon Bonaparte. For example, Napoleon had the amazing ability to energize himself precisely within half an hour after hours of long battle as reported by officers
of Nepoleon.

Scientific Experiment has also been done on conscious relaxation and entering into deep sleep with complete awareness. In 1977 at the Menninger Foundation in Kansas, USA, Swami Rama demonstrated the capacity to enter at the various stages of consciousness at will as reflected by changes in the electrical activity of the brain. Under the guidance of Dr Elmer Green, researchers used an electroencephalograph to record the brainwave activity of Swami Rama (an Indian Yogi).

The Swami first entered from waking state (waking state associate with daily life mental activity from 14 to 30 cycles per second) to relaxing state, producing alpha waves (alpha waves associate with relaxed state from 8-13 cycles per second) for predetermined 5 minutes period.

Next he entered into a stage of dreaming sleep, producing theta waves ( theta waves associate with dreamy state from 4-7 cycles per second) for 5 minutes test period and finally the Swami entered into deep sleep verified by the emergence of slow delta waves (delta waves associate with deep sleep from 0 to 4 cycles per second) but at the same time perfectly aware throughtout the experiment. Such remarkable mastery over entering into varius stages of consciouness was never demonstrated earlier under strict laboratory conditions and it was a good revelation to the Scientific community added Subodh.

When the body and mind are constantly overworked, their natural efficiency decreased and they need rejuvanation. Some people sleep and when they wake up, they feel exhausted and do not realized why. There is an urgent need for a training program which could help people to come out of day to day work pressure and Stresses. Art of Relaxation workshop is a step in this direction to help the society, so that they can learn how to relax in a scientific way in this highly stressful life of London" added Subodh.

Mr. Subodh Gupta is a Certified Yoga Trainer from India and worked as a consultant with The Times of India Group (India's largest media group). He has written several articles and books on Yoga, appeared on various TV channels program and has
conducted more than 500 workshops on Yoga, Stress Management and Art of Relaxation in India.

For further details on Yoga and Scientific Relaxation session in London, please contact: Subodh Gupta (M) 07966275913 or please refer to his website :