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Article on Alternate Nostril Breathing (Anuloma Viloma Pranayama)

Preparing for Anuloma Viloma:

1.Raise the right hand. Make the Vishnu Mudra
by folding down the index and middle fingers.

2. Close the right nostril with the right thumb and
exhale completely through the left nostril.


How to do Anuloma Viloma :

1. Inhale completely through the left nostril, keeping
the right nostril closed with the right thumb. This can
be done by counting up to “4” mentally.


2.Release the right nostril and exhale completely to
a count of “8”, counting mentally.


3. Inhale fully through the right nostril to a count of “4”.


4. Release the left nostril and exhale completely
to a count of “8”.



This is one round. At least 10 rounds should be practiced daily.

As you become more advanced, the “count” of the exercise may be increased, but always in a ratio of 1-2.

This means that for every second that you inhale, exhale for twice as long.Never
change the ratio. You may also increase the number of rounds of Anuloma Viloma,
which is practiced.


Benefits of Anuloma Viloma:

Physical benefits

1. Anuloma Viloma cleanses and strengthens the lungs and entire respiratory
2. As exhalation is twice the time of inhalation, stale air and waste products are
drained from the lugs.

Mental Psychic benefits
1. Anuloma Viloma helps to calm the mind, making it lucid and steady.
2. It makes the body light and the eyes shiny.

Common Mistakes:
1. Back is not straight.
2. The breath is not smooth.


(1)Beginners should not try rather they can try simple anuloma viloma without breath

(2)It is strongly advised that these exercised should be learned with some
experienced yoga teacher only.